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Qnap disk health

Home Directory About. Search Exchange Advanced Search. Search All Sites. Nagios Live Webinars Let our experts show you how Nagios can help your organization. Register Now. Login Username. Remember Me. If omitted, no warning is generated. Use Temp. Version 1. Get the following error when a drive has failed Argument "--" isn't numeric in numeric lt 2, Disk1:ready, Disk2:ready, max. I am interested in installing a few including this one since I have a QNAP 4-bays but I don't know what and how to do this!

This is the most informative plugin for checking qnap that I have found and also the most flexible allows to set snmp port for example Only thing I'm missing is SMART status checking. The disk is finished but without checking SMART we know of this only when it fails totally and drops out of array. The OID for this is.

This plugin worked immediately after downloading. All 4 our qnap systems are now monitored. Your work saved me a lot of time. This plugin is written in perl and when I executed it on the CLI, it worked like a charm!

But when I tried to run the same query through nagios, I got an error: Service check did not exit properly The problem was with the nagios system account; I had to allow it, to use sudo. Since there was no hint to do that, I have to substract 1 point for the style marks. Tested with Nagios Core 3. Thank you for your achievement. Nagios, the Nagios logo, and Nagios graphics are the servicemarks, trademarks, or registered trademarks owned by Nagios Enterprises. All other servicemarks and trademarks are the property of their respective owner.Activate Predictive S.

Enable this feature to regularly monitor disk health. After migration is completed, the healthy disk is used in place of the faulty disk. This process is faster and safer than waiting for a disk to fail, and then initiating a full RAID rebuild. Disk S. QTS will check periodically for S. You can specify the frequency in minutes or hours. Disk Temperature Alarm. Enable this feature to monitor the disk temperatures. QTS displays a warning when the disk temperature reaches the specified value.

You can set separate alerts for hard disk drives and solid state drives. Enable this feature to specify how long before QTS flags a disk as unresponsive.

The file system is not clean. It is suggested that you run “check disk”.

A disk temporarily becomes unresponsive when it encounters a read or write error, which it tries to fix. QTS might interpret this unresponsiveness as disk failure, and automatically initiate a rebuild of the disks in the RAID group.

Enabling this feature ensures that a disk has sufficient time to recover from a read or write error. Setting Description Activate Predictive S. Migration: Enable this feature to regularly monitor disk health.

Disk Temperature Alarm Enable this feature to monitor the disk temperatures. Parent topic: Global Settings.This message, "The file system is not clean, please Generally, it happens when the data volume is not un-mounted properly. It could be:. You can refer to below screenshots to find the proper one for you. Legacy Models. Click on [Check File System] button to start the file system check.

At the right panel, please click on the storage pool to expand it.

DVパウダリーシフォン ロングパンツ

Select on the data volume and click [Manage] button. It will popup the data volume management dialog.

qnap disk health

Click [Actions] button and select Check File System to start the file system check. If you encountered problems to run the filesystem check, like failed to umount volume, you may try to stop all qpkg services in AppCenter like below.

And reboot the NAS. Then run the filesystem check again. If you still have the same issue after the file system check and reboot properly, you can download and apply the SafeShutdown QFix to your NAS. Please enable JavaScript to pass antispam protection! Antispam by CleanTalk. Cookies help us deliver our services. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies.

It could be: The abnormal shutdown or force power off the NAS. Some services are not stopped properly during the shutdown. Other unexpected cases cause the data volume is not un-mounted properly. Navigation menu Personal tools English Create account Log in. Namespaces Page Discussion. Views Read View source View history. Main page Categories Random page Help. This page was last edited on 15 Januaryat MediaWiki spam blocked by CleanTalk.While I was pricing out new drives on my original unit I looked at the cost of replacing the entire thing.

Looking at the costs it seemed like replacing my 4 plus year old NAS seemed to make sense. So imagine my dismay when I recently walked into my office and saw a little HDD2 red light go on. After 7 years, the hard drive Gods had finally unleased their wrath. Just glad I had all my photos on there backed up on raided drives as well as backed up to the cloud. But an abnormal drive, no way, time to replace it. I am currently storing about 1. Not enought to make me comfortable. It seems like a good time to do an upgrade.

With the current 2 TB drives that I have I could easily fill them in the next 6 to 9 months. As a tech geek I was looking for a some information on reliable hardrives and found a great set of data from Backblaze. This will also be faster in the case that I need the data immediately during the upgrade process. This will be a nice test to see how easy it is to upgrade drives in a QNAP.

My fingers are crossed that it will be as easy as the hot swapping documentation suggests. That was the case while I was eating lunch recently.

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qnap disk health

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qnap disk health

Fully tested and configured system. Fully tested and configured. Setting up Qtier is as simple as creating RAID groups for every tier, set a schedule, and you are done. Overall, the ESdc is designed to offer businesses continuous operations and non-interrupted services. In fact, QNAP goes further to show its dedication to critical business needs by awarding users with a 5-year warranty at no extra cost.

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Just added to your wishlist:. My Wishlist Continue. You've just added this product to the cart:. Go to cart page Continue. Product Price Quantity Options.I did a simple firmware upgrade and whoop my RAID0 volume was gone, oops!

So I was left with three stand alone disks as shown on the screenshot above.

qnap disk health

It took me some time to recover my broken RAID0 volume and many trial and errors. Hopefully I had a backup and a lot of spare time thus I could play around with the device. The restore process went flawlessly but upon reboot, I had the same problem, my RAID0 volume was still gone. Well the restore was partially helpful. Look at the screenshots above, in the logical volumes panel, you see that a stripping volume containing disk 1 and 2 was declared but not active.

And on the second screenshot, the striping disk volume was unmounted as a result. It was not exported as I would expect… At this stage I decided that a reboot was necessary…. The device was back up and I checked in the Volume Management panel for the status of the striping volume and it was still not active but this time the File System column showed EXT3.

Unfortunately the happiness was short because as soon the QNAP device rebooted, the striping volume configuration settings were gone.

Actually I could see that the superblock, that is the portion of the disks part of a RAID set, where the parameters that define a software RAID volume, was not persistent, that is was not written in a superblock as shown in the screenshot below. I had to face it, I would not be able to recover my striping disk volume thus I decided that it was time to re-create it from scratch and copy back my data. That reminds me that even if technology is getting better and better, still it is not error free and shit happens.

Hi NiTRo and thx for commenting. You definitely should, CBT combine to veeam backup totaly rocks! Rsync could be used after snapshot right? You could use the workingDir parameter to create the snapshot elsewhere and then launch the sync maybe? I just bought a pro. Installed 3 3TB disks.

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